Debra Layton has lived in NWA since 1995 and retired from Walmart Inc. in July of 2017. She is a global retail leader skilled at developing and implementing transformative change across large and small enterprises. She spent 31 years at the retail giant growing her career and improving the lives of thousands of people, on 6 continents and over 30 countries.

After retiring from Walmart, Inc. Debra knew she had an obligation and responsibility to help shape where she lives. She now has more time to invest, plus the opportunity to parley her business acumen into meaningful advocacy.   Debra knows that living and working in a welcoming and inclusive community is incredibly important to the growth of any area and especially Northwest Arkansas.

Debra currently serves on the Board of Directors for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Rogers AR, she is member of the Network for Executive Women (NEW)- NWA Region and a 1 Million Cup-Community Leader (nationwide program that promotes the engagement, education and connection of entrepreneurs).

Previous leadership roles include, Founding Member of the President’s Council of Global Female Leaders (Walmart), Women’s Officer Caucus (Walmart), Executive Sponsor of the Hispanic Latino Associate Resource Group (Walmart), PRIDE Sponsor and Advocate (LGBTQ) (Walmart), Board of Directors for the NWA Women’s Shelter.

Debra currently serves as the Executive Director for the Peel-Compton Foundation and previously served as Interim President and CEO for the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce.


Shannon and her family moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1997. Prior to moving to Northwest Arkansas, Shannon lived and worked in Dallas, Texas, Austin, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana where she began her professional career with Price Waterhouse and then transferred to their newly created Austin, Texas office as part of the leadership group in the audit department. Shannon has spent her professional career in accounting, finance, business strategy and planning roles with increasing levels of responsibilities.

Upon moving to Northwest Arkansas, Shannon enrolled and earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 1998. She then joined the faculty at the University of Arkansas and taught graduate level courses. Through her teaching, she become a leader in developing new talent for the ever-growing Walmart vendor community. Subsequently, she joined Nestle USA and then the Campbell Soup Company’s sales teams supporting both Walmart and Sam’s Club earning several Global Leadership Awards. Finally, she made the jump to Walmart, Inc. in 2012 where she led the Sam’s Club finance and planning organization and had financial leadership roles in the apparel division and Walmart technology.

Throughout her professional career, she has always been a supporter of the non-profit community. She has served as treasurer for many organizations including the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School PTO, the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas, the Gamma Nu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma House Board and currently serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Open Avenues.

Shannon has been able to combine her two passions-finance and non-profits and today serves as the Director of Finance and Strategy for The Peel Compton Foundation. She is a C.P.A. and continues to mentor several young professionals.


Madeline grew up an Army Brat and has been gardening from the moment her parents let her play in the dirt. While her family was stationed in Europe her parents took her to every garden, castle and park. She was once lost by her parents in castle garden and was later found asleep under some rose bushes. "Flowers bring happiness and magic to life" as she says and she just can’t get enough.

When her father retired her family settled in North Florida and this is where most of her gardening education took place. After college she volunteered in several local gardens, her parents and worked in her own garden as well learning by doing.  As her passion for gardening grew she wanted to do more. Madeline went to work at the St. Johns county Extension office in the Horticulture department and studied everything she could get her hands on about flowers and vegetables. Madeline became a Master Gardener and soon was teaching the Master Gardener Program. When her son went off to college in Arkansas she fell in love with the Ozarks! It was time for a change of landscape and new gardening challenges to learn/master. Madeline joined our team as the Compton Gardens Site manager and is loving every minute of this Ozark native flower garden.


Jeannie discovered The Peel Compton Foundation by way of walks with her grandchildren through Compton Gardens.  Jeannie is passionate about spreading awareness of the two iconic and historical homes and their gardens. One message these spaces carry to the community is how we value history and green space here in Northwest Arkansas. In her role of marketing and development, she is able to raise awareness of our mission and connect the community to this hidden treasure of native plants and trees she discovered here as a neighbor through social media and community outreach. 


Alyssa De La Rosa, born and raised in Arkansas, graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Hospitality Management and Event Planning. After college Alyssa worked with a non profit organization called Student Mobilization that focused on empowering college students as the next generation of business leaders, church leaders,educators and community members with the skills and knowledge they need to have an impact on the world around them.

Alyssa and her husband married in 2017, and most recently planted themselves in Bentonville with a desire to have an impact on the community around them. She has joined The Peel Compton Foundation as the Events & Tour Manager to bring her skills and passion for helping people to the events and tour experience.


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